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Body Scanning CRM... is all about more, or we take it back!

More sales, more profit, more happy customers who become clients for life, and ride their bicycles more often - no matter what kind of year the rest of the bicycle business is having, or we take it back!


Confidential Case Studies


Body Scanning CRM is an integrated Client Relationship Marketing Retail Shopping System that was developed specifically for specialty bicycle retailers.

Turnkey Growth Program!

Body Scanning CRM represents state-of-the-art technology and sets new standards for client satisfaction, individual service levels, product value, market differentiation, and client relationship marketing.

Body Scanning CRM is an extremely accurate bike fit system that is fast, easy and completely non-invasive. Bicycle fitting has never been easier or more profitable.

Announcing the Junior Scanning Software

"When it comes to clients, perception is reality. And eyeballing doesn't breed trust of the perception that your bike shop is better than the guy down the street who eyeballs equally as well."
      -Mike Basch, YaYa!Bike Inside Track
      April 2003
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